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Samādhi is a noun form of the verbsamādhā (sam-ā-dhā, sum-toward/close-put, concentration/union). Similar is samāpatti (noun form of the verb sam-ā-pad, sum-toward/close-fall, completion/attainment) which is usually categorized into four formless realms (in contrast to four form meditation: form realm 色界(six sense realms: 六識感覚世界)four zen/chan/jhāna/dhyāna: 四禅):

four formless realms (無色界: no six sense realms: 六識無感覚世界)four attainments 四等持(等持 seems to be derived from taking the original word as sama-āpatti, equal-attainment, stop at samãdhi/quietude: 止定/静):

Fifth(第五)limitless space realm (空無辺処: 無限空間の境涯:ānanta-ākāsa āyatana) Sixth(第六)limitless consicousness realm (識無辺処: 無限意識の境涯:ānanta-viňňāna āyatana) Seventh(第七)no possession realm (無所有処: 所有意識無い境涯: ākiňcanya āyatana) Eighth(第八)neither ideas nor no ideas (非想非非想処: 観念も無観念も無い境涯:neva-saňňā naeva-asaňňā āyatana

Ninth (第九) cessation attainment (滅尽定: complete cessation: nirodha-samāpatti: cessation of idea and feeling: 想受滅:saňňā-vedanā-nirodha āyatna) is sometimes added.