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means the Awakened One, awakened from conventional delusion, primarily of a separated self, which develops into divisiveness (hatred, anger, etc.) and desire (craving, greed. etc.). These triplets are called the Triple Poisons, which poison and destroy body/mind/world system in ripple effect in space and time, resulting in samsara suffering. The Buddha was awakened from them and lived wakefully to avoid and freed from them through sitting and stilling karma (past/present/future action/habit/heredity).

A brief biography of him may be referred [1]. The legend of his outing from the four castle gates (四門出遊), seeing sick, aged, dead, and striving person, indicate his renunciation for striving shows his problems of the universal suffering and pursuit for the ultimate solution life (birth, sickness, aging, parting, loss, etc.) and death. His personal experience of impermanence (loss of his mother, struggle for survival, crisis of his country, etc.) contributed to his renunciation of the mundane life and pursuit of ultimate truth and peace in striving, especially in meditation.

The legend of the Brahma's beseech seems to reflect his inner world of reluctance of leaving the recluse life in peace and the outer world of suffering needing salvation, resulting in his aspiration for saving the world doomed to destruction, if left to the selfish, sinful karma destiny supported by the universal truth (Brahma), even though living beings were deeply sunken in their karma layers. After his determination to share his aspiration and attainment, he spent no time beside serving the Awakened Way and saving all beings throughout forty five years after his awakening in his selfless itinerant life without possession and position.

His daily life was always in peace and truth with his meditation from early morning till late at night, with alms round and teaching to the lay people and renouncers, travelling from one village to another, ever going forward, never staying two night at the same place, except for the rainy season retreat not to harm even insects and plants, meeting all kinds of people - mother losing her beloved child, murderer, malicious mendicants. abusing, throwing dirt, throwing rock, instigating mad elephant, and kings, destroying his home country or deposed into jail by his son, et al, conquering and converting them - animals, plants, and planets.