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means urbanization from civitas (city, citadel with walls so discriminate outsiders - farmers, forests, foreigners, etc., cf. polis, pura, burg, etc.: city states, which developed into nation states.). "State" (cp. status), from city states to nation states, has been the power structure with the ruler (strong status) and the ruled (weaker status) with the five calamities of delusion (of separated self, cf. sin = separation), bondage (of it, with desire for matter and power, and divisiveness against foes: the three poisons), discrimination, exploitation, and destruction. Agriculture Revolution (10,000 yrs. ago, 20 sec. ago in the Cosomic Calendar) made Civilization (Urbanization) Revolution (5,000 yrs. ago, 10 sec. ago in the Cosmic Calendar) possible. The Spiritual (Religious) Revolution (2,500 yrs. ago, 5 sec. ago in the Cosmic Calendar) started to countermeasure the five calamities of the Civilization (Urbanization) Revolution aiming at the fivefold bliss of awakening, freedom, equality, love, and peace, the great paradigm shift from sin (separation, selfishness) to holiness (wholly wholesome way/world, cf. religion is from Latin re-ligare, re-union, with holiness). This revolutionary age is called the Axial Age to revolve the human life 180 degrees from small (short-sighted, short-circuited, selfish, sinful, karma-bound) animal way/world to great (far-sighted, great-cultured, wholly wholesome) human (or even karma-freed, nirvana-proved awakened) being way/world.