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Indra-net is the net of Indra, Supreme Being in Indian Pantheon, covering the world, whose every knot has a crystal ball reflecting all other crystal balls, thus limitlessly reflecting each other. This is used as a model of the Dharma of Dependent Co-origination, the universal fundamental law of interdependence of all things in space and time. Culture is cultivation of mind/body/world to create holy (wholly wholesome) truth, goodness, and beauty. Our natural ecological life system is the dynamic evolution and development of mutual cyclical eco-life dependent co-origination with and for our heart and life. Our cultivation and culture can create the fivefold bliss of awakening, freedom, equality, love, and peace. On the other hand, artificial uni-directional civilization (urbanization), pyramidal power, system for matter and power produces the fivefold calamities of nescience, bondage, discrimination, exploitation, and destruction, as we witness in wars, global warming, mass extinction, etc. We must make the paradigm shift from karma to dharma, from sin to holiness (religion, from Latin religare, reunion, aims this) to avoid the doom's day into catastrophic demise.