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From Zenwiki

means Thus-being or Being in Thusness (Truth-being or being in Truth), as in the compound hasta-gata āmra (hand-being mango, mango being in the hand). It was usually translated as Thus-come (如来), and occasionally as Thus-gone (如去), usually interpreted as gone into heaven (nirvana) and come from there (as bodhi-sattvaawakening being). The reality is that he did not go to or come from anywhere, but was in thusness (truth/reality), beyond delusion (worldly convention), cp. Su-gata, Well-being, being in Wellness.

His Ten Epithets are:

  1. Tathāgata : Thus-being
  2. Arahat : Worthy One, for respect
  3. Sammā-sambuddha :Rightly Completely-awakened
  4. Vijjā-carana-sampanna :Witness-Behavior-perfected/provided, 明行足: Vision-behavior-provided
  5. Su-gata :Well-being, 善逝:Well-gone/passed-away
  6. Loka-vidū :World-knowledgeable/knower, 世間解:World-conversant
  7. Anuttara :Unsurpassed, 無上士:Unsurpassed-(great)person
  8. Purisa-damma-sārathi :Charioteer of human-control, 調御丈夫:Great-person on control
  9. Satthā-deva-manussānām :Teacher of Celestials and Humans
  10. Buddho bhagavā :Awakened Fortunate, 仏世尊:Awakened World-honored