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From Zenwiki

(Magga, Mārga, Ways, Pațipadā, Pratipadā, Path, lit. treading step by step) are traditionally called Thirty-seven Awakening Limbs (Satta-timsa-bojjhań gaSapta-trişad-bodhi-pakșa), but actually they are the sum total of several lists of parallel limbs (common among them).

4 potency bases 5 faculties / 5 powers 4 Right Effort 4 mindfulness establishment 7 awakening limbs 8 holy ways 6 prognosis perfection
iddhi-pāda indriya / bala sammā-padhāņa sati-pațțhāna bhojjhańga ariya-magga prajñā-pārami
ŗddhi-pāda indrya / bala samyak-pradhāņa smŗțy-upasthāna bhodhi-ańga ãrya-mārga prajñā-pāramitā
dharma analysis right view giving
dhamma-vicaya sammā-dițțhi dāna
dharma-vicaya sammā-dŗşți dāna
desire faith severing body mindfulness right thinking
chanda saddhā pahāņa kāya sati sammā-sańkppa
chanda śraddhā prhāņa kāya smŗți sammā-sańkalpa
protection feeling right speech morality
samvara vedanā sammā-vācā sīla
samvara vedanā sammā-vāk śīla
mind cultivation mind right action
citta bhāvanā citta sammā-kammanta
citta bhāvanā citta sammā-karmānta
stabilizing forms mindfulness right livelihood patience
anurakkhana dhamma sati sammā-ājīva khānti
anurakșaņa dharma smŗți sammā-ājīva kșānti
striving striving right striving striving
viriya viriya sammā-viriya viriya
vīrya vīrya sammā-vīrya vĭrya
joy right mindfulness
pīti sammā-sati
pīti sammā-smŗți
concentration concentration concentration right concentration concentration
samādhi samādhi samādhi sammā-samādhi samādhi
samādhi samādhi samādhi sammā-samādhi samādhi
prognosis investigation equipoise prognosis
prajñā vīmamsā upekkhā prajñā
prajñā vīmamsā upekşā prajñā
Note 1. The first row after English is Pali and the second row is Sanskrit. 
     2. Actually the Fourfold Mindfulness Establishment belongs to "mindfulness," the Fourfold Right Effort belongs to "striving," and the fourfold Potency Bases belong to "concentration."